The Haunted Mask Lives! is the 2nd book in the Goosebumps Gold series. The cover shows Bella McPrince, the book's main protagonist, putting on a ripped Haunted Mask on her face. The tag-line on the back of the book was "This Time It's Personal..."

Plot Edit

Bella McPrince, a 12-year-old girl who claims to be "fearless", is looking for something to wear to her friend's costume party. She finds something in a trash can behind the school. It's an old, ripped-up, dirty mask. She puts it on and it suddenly feels tight. All of a sudden, it isn't tight, as if it is bonded to her skin. She wears it to the party, and it scares her friends. Being "fearless", she laughs at them. They have no idea who she is. She tries to unmask herself and show them it's just her, but it dosen't work. She just thinks it's a little tight and that if she wears it longer it'll loosen up. But all of a sudden, she starts getting rude. She makes fun of her friend, Jason. She purposely spills grape juice all over her friend Tina's dress. Tina gets mad and tries tearing the mask off her, but it dosen't work. Bella starts panicking, and she starts hearing evil voices in her head that tell her that they are "in control now". Jason and Tina decide to help her, but the voices take control and the evil of the Haunted Mask possess her. She punches Jason in the face, and before she can hurt anyone else, she passes out. Bella's spirit, now trapped in The Haunted Mask, meets the evil spirit of the Haunted Mask. The spirit tries to get Bella to join it and the other spirits in the Haunted Mask for eternity, but Bella wakes up in a hospital. She sees her mom, Jason, and Tina. Bella tells her mom about the spirit. Her mom just tells her it was all a fever nightmare.

Twist Ending Edit

Bella realizes the entire crisis was a dream too. But just to make sure, she asks for a mirror. She looks in the mirror and sees that the Haunted Mask is still stuck on her face!

Trivia Edit

  • The ending can mean two things: either it wasn't a dream at all, or that really is Bella's face.
  • The "Spirits of the Haunted Mask" are the spirits of other kids who were trapped inside the Haunted Mask.

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